Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pregnant and High-heels

Back then, when I had lost a tremendous amount of weight, I used to take my favorite tops and jeans to ZA Altera at Isetan The Gardens to have them altered to fit my shrinking body. Boleh dikatakan every week ada baju/jeans nak alter. My sister, Wani, said that was my new hobby. My hubby joked about taking my bras to have them altered as well (I used to complain about not being able to fit my cute bras anymore ;p) bcoz- well, I shrinked all over!

And so bcoz of that, the shop assistants at ZA Altera dah kenal sangat since I'm their regular customer, especially this one friendly makcik (imagine going there ever since MZ and I were boyfriend-girlfriend to fiance-fiancee sampai lepas kawin! That's like a year long).

But I haven't been there ever since I knew I was pregnant... until yesterday. So when the makcik first saw me, she called the other SA and said, "Tengok ni sape datang... Si Iza! Lama nya tak nampak, sampai dah pregnant dah. Kitorang ingat dah pegi luar negara ke apa..." (yay, people know I'm pregnant! ;p).

So we chatted for awhile; she asked about my pregnancy, how many months, bla bla... when suddenly she looked down at my shoes and almost shrieked when she saw what I wore. Oh-oh. I don't know why I felt kinda guilty (I always feel that way kalau mak2 yg nampak) and prayed silently, please don't ask how many inches... bcoz I really don't want to make a big deal out of it.

But of course she asked. It's always like that, isn't it?

"Ya Allah, Iza pakai kasut tinggi lagi ker? Ishh... tengok sket, tinggi mana?".


Reluctantly, I lifted my pants just a little bit so that she could only see like 2 inches of the heel (it was actually 4 inches but it's a sturdy one, I promise. It's my shopping shoes and it's so comfy. To be honest with you, I trip more in flats than I do in heels. I don't know how else to explain to my mom and hubby and everyone else. Wani seems to be the only one who understands tho ;p).


I know most people are against the idea of wearing high-heels during pregnancy, but well, all I can say is, I won't risk myself wearing something that I'm not comfy in (I don't even wear jeans anymore no matter how fab it is bcoz I find them very uncomfy - and jeans used to be my most favorite clothing item!). I'm not that silly. I have stopped wearing my 5-inch killer stilettos ever since entering the 2nd trimester bcoz they're not comfy anymore - oh, except that one time during Noreen's wedding. But we only sit whattt ;p Plus, I don't walk a lot like I used to. On average once or twice a week now, and 3 hours max - or 4. And high-heel is not the only shoes I wear btw; I still wear wedges every now and then. I will stop wearing my heels when it's starting to get uncomfy and when my feet starts to show the first signs of swelling, don't worry. Besides, it is probably safer to wear high-heels than applying acne spot treatment on skin during pregnancy! It's not harming the baby, unless of course if you fall. Read this. And this. Annddd especially this! :D

Oh that reminds me of another incident, on the very same day.
I was standing near 2 concierges (one male, one female) when I overheard them talking:

Male: Rasa2, pregnant ke ape?
Female: Macam pregnant.
Male: Tapi dia pakai heels.

Ooookay... (lepas tu saya saje usap2 perut, as a sign that I'm pregnant! ;p).

Anyway, I saw this fab platform-heeled shoe at MNG the other day. I like the one in purple. But it's too chunky and almost 6 inches! (Hubby went like, "Heyyyy jatuh kang!" when he saw me trying it on in front of the mirror).

If I weren't pregnant, I would have probably purchased it. I hope by the time my baby pops out, the shoes would be on sale ;p

The shoes retail for RM289 btw. Go get it!

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