Friday, August 29, 2008

Baju Raya Hunting

I wasn't planning to get any baju Raya this year, bcoz I figured out I would only wear it once since I'm pregnant (I'd be in my 7th month of pregnancy by then). I was thinking of wearing my mom's or Wani's baju kurung - sape2 punya la yang bole muat.

But that initial plan changed when I walked passed Kriteria boutique at Mid Valley yesterday. I saw a mannequin dressed in Batik Crepe Kurung with Pareo sarong. It looks nice, and I thought... Hmm, kalau kain Pareo mesti kat perut dia adjustable. So I dragged hubby inside just to have a look.

I love Batik Crepe, and there were a few selection of kurung styles to choose from. I was looking for a simple Batik design, purple-maroonish in color to match my hubby's Baju Melayu and I found exactly what I was looking for.

I was still a bit worried about the kurung top, whether it would fit my pregnant figure, so I asked the Sales Assistant.

Me: Kalau pregnant bole pakai lama sket tak ek? Takut baju dia tak muat kalau perut dah besar.
SA: Bole. Baju ni sampai 6 bulan pregnant pon bole.
Me: Ouh. Saya skarang dah 6 month.
SA: Oo yeker. Bole2, baju ni free size. Lagipon akak kurus, sampai 9 month pon bole.

Heee... I love that last sentence of hers! Terus aku beli ;p (I bought a buckle as well, for the pareo btw). But the shoulders are a little bit droopy for me, but never mind. I can have it altered.

Mmmhh... Macam nak lagi satu jer.


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