Sunday, July 27, 2008

Time to re-treat

My husband and I are avid fans of Italian food. It's a must for us to treat ourselves with pasta or pizza or both on a weekly basis. And this time, it's Piccolo Mondo - the Godfather of Italian food, as it proclaims.

Since it was our first time dining there, we asked the waiter to recommend apa yang best.
So here's what we had (I forgot the names tho):

Pizza with all of my favorite toppings! There's a section of pepperoni, salmon, mushroom and chunks of chicken ham (it tasted more like calamari to me). I wish there's a section of shrimps as well. But it was nonetheless yummy!

Alfredo pasta with chunks of chicken and green peas. The pasta is made from tomato, so it's cheesy and tomato-ish all at the same time. The combination is absolutely delectable!

And then later for dessert, we had Baskin Robbins Waffle Ice Cream...

Gee, writing this makes me hungry!


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