Friday, July 04, 2008

Simply Schrimp-tious!

Ever since I got pregnant, I've been a fan of cooking programs; be it online (Kraft Foods) or on tv (Asian Food Channel). This is mainly bcoz I get hungry all the time so it's like, I have to always be in contact with food - whether it's eating or watching; tak kisah as long as it's got to do with food! It's no wonder that even when I'm on bed just resting and lazing around, all I can think about is food. I am so gonna get fat! ;p

So anyways, I've promised to treat my dear little sister (who happens to have a blog too) a lunch at Italiannies like eons ago bcoz she had never been there before. So yesterday we went to The Gardens to fulfill my promise but well, I changed the venue at the last minute. It wasn't my fault, really. Bcoz what happened was, I was waiting for my sis to pick me up at my PIL's house so while waiting for her Majesty, Princess Wani to get ready, I watched my favorite channel and the program at that time was License to Grill. One of the menus that Rob (the Chef) cooked was grilled tandoori shrimp. Oh my my myyy... I was drooling in front of the tv, what with my growling stomach and everything! And I said to myself (or it could be my little one): Must. Have. Shrimp.

So instead of Italiannies, I asked my sis if it's okay to have lunch at Tony Roma's and she's fine with it (well of course, I'm the one who's paying and pregnant ;p). We both had shrimps - Wani had Shrimp Scampi Pasta (loadsss of shrimps in there, like 20 of 'em), and yours truly had what she wanted - grilled shrimp!

The shrimps... Oh my GOD! It's juicy and perfectly grilled! Even the bell peppers were yummy that I finished all of 'em. The grilled shrimp is served with scampi butter, french fries and coleslaw.

Here's a close-up pic of the shrimps btw. (Adakah saya berjaya membuat anda terliur? Please do! ;p)

And here's some pics of me and my sister, since some of you have been wanting to see my latest pregnant-pics. Well, I don't have a big bump yet, if that's what you ladies are wanting to see, as I'm only 4 months pregnant. But I'm a weebit chubby here and there.

Hubby picked me up at around 7.45pm and we headed to Kelana Jaya bcoz he had a futsal game. Later we had dinner at a stall called William, which was recommended by his friends. Guess what we had? Shrimps! Again :D Well it was actually Seafood Creamy Pasta. The plate was overspilling with seafood - shrimps, lobster, sotong, mussels, scallops, ape tah la lagi. Dah macam aquarium pon ada. The food was nice, but the place is totally disgusting (especially the "tandas awam"). Seriously, some men just think they can pee wherever they like! *roll eyes*

By the way, I'm going for my next check-up this weekend, and hopefully we can see the sex of our little one! I can't wait! So, do you think it's gonna be Iza Jr. or MZ Jr.? ;)


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