Friday, July 11, 2008

Dinner with The Mirilyeas

It's nice to meet old friends and catch things up (Syaz couldn't make it tho). The last time we met was on my wedding day, which was hmm... about 5 months ago.

Anyway, Noreen (the one in the black dress) is getting married next month. I need to find something nice to wear ASAP. I've decided to wear my mom's kurung moden for the Akad ceremony, and hopefully I could still fit in it by then (dalam masa sebulan, perut bole tiba2 jadi besar ke ek? I hope not).

I have no idea what to wear for the reception. But I kinda like this creation by Rizman Ruzaini...


She slipped off her pink stilettos at 1:59 PM |