Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Designer Phones

Looks like more and more Designers are teaming up with mobile phone manufacturers to produce their own signature fashionable phones these days. There's Dolce & Gabbana by Motorola, Prada by LG, Anna Sui by Samsung, Betsey Johnson by Samsung, Giorgio Armani by Samsung... What else now?

Here's my top 2 designer phones, which I can only dream for at the moment:

1) Chanel Choco phone

This is hands down the coolest phone I have ever seen! It looks like a chocolate bar (hence, the name) and is about the size of a compact powder. The coolest thing about this phone (to me, at least) is the mirrored surface and the optical fiber technology. Very futuristic. It looks like something you see in high-tech movies. You know, like- what's that movie Tom Cruise starred in? The one with point screen computers or something? *scratching my head* Ok, I think it's Minority Report. Doesn't matter. My point is, this phone is uber cool. And it comes with a Chanel logo keyring, so it's cool and fab at the same time! Definitely to die for. This phone is not yet in the market tho, but if it does, I wonder when I could afford it...

(Click here for more info)

2) Dior phone
I like this phone bcoz of the front casing - the signature Dior pattern, which you can see on most Dior bags and makeup casings. And yes, bcoz it's a flip phone. It comes with a clip-on mini-phone which is about the size of a USB key, and it's called "My Dior". If I were to get one, I would have a hard time choosing between the white or the pink one bcoz both are my favorite colors. This phone is priced at *gasps* $5,000! (Click here for more info)

There's also a crystal-studded version of this phone and before I show you the pic, lemme tell you the price. Get this, it's $26,000!! *faints*

Ok, so here it is...

(Click here for more info)

I was hoping Louis Vuitton would come up with its own signature phone too, and wondered how it would look like, but nope. So far not yet. LV has, however, its own USB memory stick. My first reaction to this was "pulak dahh.." ;p Click here for more info.

What else could they come up with? Designer cars? Perhaps Gucci by BMW. Now that would be ridiculous. Ridiculous, but... interesting.


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