Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wedding Photos: Nikah

I can't believe I've been married for 2+ months and I still haven't upload my wedding pichas! I thought our wedding was like a week ago. Hee... I know, bad excuse!

But anyways, I've done my "homework" - so guys, feast your eyes! (It took me 7 hours straight to finish all of these so you guys better not complain ;p).

Oh before I start, I have some advice for Brides-to-be that may be useful:

1) If your waist is an asset and you don't need a corset (gee... that seems to rhyme) to flatten it, then don't ever wear one! You are going to "duduk bersimpuh and control ayu" for almost an hour (or more) and the least thing you need is suffocating in your own wedding dress. I did not wear a corset during Nikah and Reception (I was advised by my sis), but I did wear one at the reception on my husband's side. God, I could barely breathe, let alone swallow my food! And that was sitting on a chair!

2) Always try on the whole outfit (including scarf, veil, shoes, everything) and parade in front of the mirror at least a night before the wedding day. You need to get a rough idea how you're gonna look like and prepare for any last-minute changes, if any.

3) Have at least 1 extra scarf (tudung) and serkup (anak tudung) if you're gonna wear one, bcoz you never know how the Makeup Artist or mak andam or whoever in charge of helping you with your tudung is going to do it. You don't wanna risk a bad-tudung-day on your special day now, do you?

4) Choose your "kerusi sanding" with a backrest, if possible, one that is high enough to support your entire back and shoulders. We can barely sandar on the one we had for Nikah, causing us to have back pain for days! I couldn't imagine if I wore a corset on that day...

Okay that's it. I'm done babbling. Let's get on with the pictures.


Date: 16th February 2008
Time: 9.00 pm
Venue: Bandar Tun Hussein Onn
Theme Color: White and family of Purples
Pelamin + Hantaran + Deco: Kapas Home
Bride & Groom Attires: Kapas Couture
Makeup Artist: Nasha Aziz
Photographer: Ikram Ismail
Videographer: Manggis Production

The day we got married was like a dream. A white magical dream, with candles and crystals and chandeliers. The magical-like pelamin with fairy lights was like a Fairy Godmother's touch. I couldn't believe it was really happening.

The most pleasurable and non-nervous moment was when my face was being made-up by the professional makeup artist. Every stroke of the brush felt like I was being pampered and indulged. The result was breathtaking - or at least, I was breathless when I first looked at my own reflection in the mirror. I think I've never looked prettier in my whole life.

Something "unplanned" happened with my shoes. This glittery stilettos were supposed to be my wedding shoes, but it was so hard to walk properly in them bcoz my dress is made of lace - they stick to one another. My white Aldo patent peep-toe saved the day! Well, you can never go wrong with a plain patent shoe, right?

Okay now let the pictures do the talking. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and I've got like tons of 'em.

Friends! They add excitement to any event.

Sisterly moments

Bride and Groom waiting to be united

This is the moment when I should be crying, but I didn't.
I was too happy to be crying..

Oh yes, there were fireworks too. I'm not so sure whether the fireworks exploded when the families from the Groom's side first arrived, or was it lepas lafaz akad... Or was it both? It was kinda cool!

Exchanging rings and kisses

Here comes the Bride...and Groom!

Feasting time

The Family of purples and lilacs

Family and In-laws

Hubby and Wifey

Candid moments

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The End of Nikah Pichas~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(applause, please)


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