Friday, April 18, 2008

Shoe Shelf

My youngest sis is in the process of revamping her room. Her room is almost unrecognizable - with piles and piles of clothes on her bed, shoe boxes at one corner of the room, tons of makeup and facial stuff cluttering her cabinet, stacks of books and magazines, big boxes of God-knows-what's-inside, bags, paper bags and luggage laying on the floor, basket with overspilling clothes, a straw hat which I'm not sure where and why she bought it, annddd...... gee, what is that I see?

A book shelf that has been turned into a SHOE shelf!

Isn't that a brilliant idea? It's like in a shoe shop! You know, I always dream about having my own shoe room (when I have my own mansion or something similar to that) with built-in shelves that could display all my shoes like the ones you see in a shop (I've always had Pedder Red in mind). But I never thought our book shelves can be turned into one!

But of course she will need more of that shelves... which is why we're going to Ikea one of these days to hunt for shelves that look something like that for her shoes. I can't wait!

p/s: It's MZ's birthday today! Happy Birthday, sweetheart! May you live happily ever after with me :D


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