Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My customers' Herbalife testimonials

It's been awhile since I last blogged about Herbalife, so let me share with you the testimonials from 2 of my current Herbalife customers...


12th March - Iza, tq for ur guidelines. So far I've been religiously following ur advice. I consume hl shakes for breakfast and dinner and it's true when u say that it can makes u feel full for hours. The shakes are so yummylicious and that makes it even easier for me to drink it for 2 times a day.
and i am so in love with the tea. i love the citrus smell and i didn't even have to put honey when i drink it. skarang i minum the tea dekat 4 kali sehari.
so far, the after effect is that i always buang air kecilllllll and buang anginnnnnnn...

14th March - Alhamdulillah, so far dah turun 2kg. hehe


11th March - this morning minum shake with Y-Soy nyer soymilk (coz tu yg ader kat kedar semlm). ( ...the taste boleh tahan la...boleh masyukkkk!!! ;)...
this afternoon smpt gie giant kelana jaya tuk cari soyfresh nyer brand..dapat!!! i beli cappucino!!! ;)..so mlm nie nyer shake leh minumla...ehhehe..=)
n the TEA sgt2la sedap!!! bila minum pepanas terasa badan mcm berpeluh2...n tiba2 angin2 kecil kuar..ahahahhah..tp xbyk lagi...but yg i notice when minum tea tu terasa mcm berpeluh tapi tak...;)..byk gak minum tea (coz i mmg drink lot of water) so instead of drinking mineral water i minum tea....;)...

14th March - ...oh ya bout the tea my mom sgtla suka...so skrg cam kene kongsi ngn dia plak..ahahha..i think next order will go with tea also!!..i loike bila suam2 gitu...=)....

18th March - after 1week trial Herbalife..my kg down by 1.5kg :) yippiie!!!
n the inches of my chest ,waist n butt..all down by 1-2inches....yg penting ukuran buntutku sudah menurun!!! ;) sgt2 suka okehh..thanks to YOU n HERBALIFE!!! n now the shakes dah pandai bancuh n sgtla sedap..rasa cam xbesh klu xdpt shakes..ahhaha...n tea also!!!..

25th March - the progress...as at 24 mac 2008 i've lost 2.5kg..yippiee...n total lost in cm approx.15cm...yippiee!!! sgtla suka hati...br* pun dh longgar...my jeans apatah lagi...yikss.s..besh2!!!!....baru 10hari minum herbalife... ;) i loikee....the best part is support from my tunang..=)

I am a proud Coach! Keep it up, gurls! ;)


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