Monday, March 03, 2008


Hi people. I'm back!

Sorry for the long silence. We went for our honeymoon a day after the reception and just got back last Saturday so I haven't got the time to update about the weddings, let alone our honeymoon. We do have internet access at the hotel but... who on earth update their blogs on honeymoon right?! I promise I will update from A-Z. I just need to find the right time. Penat shopping tak hilang lagi ;p

Well okay okay, I'm gonna show you one of the zillion pictures we snapped during our honeymoon... It's actually my favorite.

Any idea how this picture is taken? ;)

Btw, I'm not so sure when will I get the wedding softcopy pichas from Ikram (I think it's gonna be like another 3-4 weeks' time?) so harap bersabar. And another thing, I've already forgotten my fp username and password. I guess I would have to create a new account. Hmm hmmmphh...

Anyways, both our parents are out of town (dad's out of the country btw) so my hubby (oooh I love calling him that!) and I went for a dinner date last night at Italiannies. I think this is like the 88th time we've been there ever since its opening at The Gardens, and most of the staffs there remembered us and will always greet us with either "Hi again" or "Welcome back" - which is very nice. We even got a complimentary dessert of Strawberry Cheesecake once, after like 2-3 weeks berturut2 duk makan situ. Heee...

Anyway, last night was our first time having dinner at Italiannies together, and it was so romantic. The ambiance, the food, us.. ;p

This is what keeps me coming back to Italiannies. The Classic Carbonara is the yummiest Carbonara I've ever eaten!

I love my wedding ring...

and my err... wedding bag! ;p

More updates soon. Promise!


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