Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I'm done with my trainings, and starting today (well, yesterday actually) we'll be working on night shift, which is from 9pm till 6am. I'm still adjusting my sleeping time and it ain't easy, I'm telling ya. I had no problem staying up and sleeping after Subuh and then woke up in the afternoon during my uni years, but since 2 months ago, my body was trained to automatically shut down around 10-11pm.. so you can imagine how damn sleepy I was when the clock struck 12 last night.

But despite being all lethargic and groggy, I managed to get the highest score in class for the 1st test (mind you, only 2 out of 30 people got 100%, and I'm one of them - and the only girl too. *ehem* Not bad for someone who despise IT huh. hehe). Anyway, we're currently in the midst of tests which will determine our positions with The Company, and if I'm not mistaken there're like 9 tests altogether. We had 3 tests today (I mean last night - on Monday) and I've done well except for the last one. Well, what d'ya expect.. it was 5 in the morning and my eyes were sore (wearing contact lens only worsen it) and I could barely think straight, let alone nak jawab soklan! And it happened to be the toughest paper of all. Bummer. I hope I could score fabulously for the next next tests. Do pray for me. MZ on the other hand, got the highest score in his class for all of the tests. In fact, the trainer asked him to come early tomorrow to train his classmates. Maybe I should be in his class too....

Okay it's almost 9am now, I'd better get some sleep. I do not want to end up looking like a racoon now. But before that, I took this interesting quiz which was forwarded to my email by my bestie. It's a quiz that estimates your duit hantaran (click here to take it). C'mon, it'd be fun!

According to the quiz,

Based on the matrimonial information you have supplied and considering prevailing economic conditions, your Hantaran would be $11,000.

(Hmm...that's pretty much what we had in mind. I mean, kind of ;p)


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