Friday, November 30, 2007

Car or Cash?

I always have a hard time making choices, especially if all of the available options are very appealing (or in other words, I wish I could choose all instead of just one). It doesn't matter how big or small the matter is - even choosing a top to exchange at Promod the other day (well that's another story) took me about 2 hours to come up with a decision - bcoz I need to be very sure that I made the rightest choice. MZ has got to be one of the most patient guys on earth. Heee...

Anyway since I'm working now, my dad offered to get me a car (just a normal car, nothing biggy) but then he decided to make the offer more interesting by giving me 2 choices - either he bought me a car, or he gave me cash of the same amount.

Thing is, MZ has a car and we're working at the same place so transportation is not really a problem for me. But I've never had my own car and if I don't get one, I'm not sure when I would really drive. But then at the same time cash is interesting too and my dad said "you can do whatever you want with the money". Of course he meant for future use. Now isn't that appealing? (I'm not gonna spend on shopping of course, if that's what you have in mind ;p).

So if it were you, which one would you choose - car or cash?


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