Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Wrong Number

I've been receiving lots of anonymous phone calls for a man called "Syamsul Bahrain" for like every 2-3 days a week ever since I've changed to my current phone number, which was end of last year! Seriously. It's like my weekly routine to receive at least 2 Syamsul-Bahrain phone calls. And it's getting so irritating especially when those people macam tak percaya and they keep on asking me stuff like, "Do I know Syamsul" and "How long have I used this number" and "Betul ker tak kenal dia" and "This is 012 bla bla bla right?" and lots more. It's been more than 8 months now, so you can imagine how crazy this is driving me.

Anyway, it turns out this Syamsul guy is wanted by Citibank. And I guess those people thought I berkomplot ngan Syamsul tu kot. What do I do now? Should I just biar jer and keep on telling them it's the wrong number, or what? Sometimes I feel like retorting, "Oii salah nombor la, tak paham2 bahasa ker??!". Hish.


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