Saturday, June 02, 2007

White - flavor of the season

I decided that white is my color for this Spring/Summer (not that we have four seasons here, but you know, it's one of those fashion thingies), so I've been piling up lots of white stuff from my recent shopping trips - scarf, shoes, and everything in between.

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The only white stuff I didn't get is a pair of pants. I actually did find one that I like at Forever 21, which I'm not sure what it's called but I call it "seluar santai" - u know, yg cam kembang sikit with drawstring waist (ok, maybe it's a bit too kembang) - I was so close to buying it but then after showing it to MZ, dia kata kembang melampau mcm seluar clown, terus haku tak jadi nak beli. But the foreigner ladies who were at the fitting room area commented that I looked nice in it. Should I listen to female or male opinion ha?

Don't get it wrong now, my boyfriend does have a good eye. It's just that, sometimes his outlook towards women's fashion can be somewhat.. pelik. Like those trendy wide belts? I think they're fab if being worn with the right tops but he said that thing looks like tempat nak selit keris. And ooh, he said something about bangles the other day too. Or is it rings with big diamonds? Something like pemerintahan kuku besi ke ape tah la. Pelik aku..


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