Friday, June 15, 2007

Most Embarrassing Shopping Experience(s)

I can be such a klutz sometimes, despite the lemah-lembut-gemalai-gelamai-whatever impression that I always get from other people. Especially when it comes to shopping. Like, when I picked up something from the display rails or racks at a shop, 70% of the time I would accidentally dropped a few items from the rail/rack. Macam kalau nak amik 1 ketul item kat rack tinggi2 tu, 3 ketul yg lain jatuh atas lantai. Or, nak tarik satu helai baju off the hanger from the railing, sehelai baju lain slipped off onto the floor. Or.. well, you get the picture.

MZ finds this very amusing tho, and I'll try my best to avoid him from seeing me so when I dropped something, without meeting his gaze I would quickly picked it up and put it back on the rack and act cooly as if nothing happened, and then later he'll go like, "I saw that" and laughed away. Bah!

That's dropping stuff.

When I wanna sniff the scents of lotions or creams or body wash or anything liquidy, I would end up with a bit of the residue on my nose bcoz of accidentally pressing the tube too hard. It's pretty embarrassing, especially if I'm alone without a company. But that didn't happen a lot now.

Now here's another one.

Yesterday I was browsing at MNG, KLCC when I saw a nice white bag on one of the railings near the entrance mirror. It was a cross between Chloe Paddington and Marc Jacob Venetia bag so I wanted to take a closer look at it. As I reached for the handles, a sexy lady who had been standing there scrtunizing the tops, smiled at me and said,

"Itu henbeg saya.." (in an Indonesian slang).

My face was burning with embarrassment! I apologized, and quickly dragged MZ out of the store. That's by far, is the most embarrassssing shopping experience everrr!

Now don't tell me you don't have one of your own. C'mon ladies!


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