Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Hairy Issue

I am considering a laser hair treatment.. no wait, that didn't sound quite right. A laser hair removal treatment for my upper lip, not bcoz it's that visible but bcoz.. umm...
Okay, so it's kind of visible - especially if you try to kiss me (ain't that true, tatak? hehe).

I used to remove the hair using that blade thingy. You know, the one that is used utk tebas eyebrow? Yeah, that thing. It's not called as shaving bcoz I did not use a shaver, but my dad kept on saying I shaved.

I feel so like a man.

Anyway, my sis is also doing the laser treatment thingy for her legs and under arms (it's been awhile now and her skin is so much hair free-ier than before). The thing is, I'm not sure between DermaGenesis and Bella. The former one is where my sis is currently doing her treatments, so she's told me a few things about the services and whatnot. It's not that it's no good, but I'm just wondering what Bella has to offer. Has anyone been there?


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