Friday, June 08, 2007

Cocktails For Three

I've just finished reading this book that I bought the other day.

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ooh yes, that's a new ring too..

I picked this one up simply bcoz it's the same author as the Shopaholic series' (with a different name tho; her real name), so I was hoping it would be a fun read just like her Kinsella books.

It was.. okay. A book about friendship and stuff. Nothing wrong with that, just that.. there are three main characters in it and halfway through it I kind of like lost track who is who, so I had to refer to the front pages and reread some of it again. And it wasn't as funny as I expected (the review on the book says it's funny). But even so, I managed to finish it up in about 2 days. Not bad for a not-so-fun book eyh?

Anyway, this book reminds me of the adorable taste of Tony Roma's Pina Colada. Yum!
I wonder if Pan Pac serves that drink...'s 5 o'clock. I'd better get dressed.


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