Thursday, June 07, 2007

Beauty is pain?

Well yeah... a little.

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So I went for the laser hair removal treatment for my upper lip and underarms at DermaGenesis a couple of days ago (yeap, on the very day I wrote my previous entry). It was actually a bit of an impromptu decision - I mean, I was still considering this and that, so I called up the center to get some info, and then I was being told to come by so that they can brief me more and do a few check-up procedures (which includes checking my armpit and upper lip conditions and whatnot) and then tup-tup, there I was lying on the bed, with burnt armpits!

Or at least I thought it'd burn.

Actually, it wasn't as painful as I imagined. There was a bit of tingling sensation - almost burn-like if not prickly, but the pain is bearable and only lasted for like 5 seconds. Tapi upper lip is more painful than underarms, which must be bcoz the skin layer is thinner. According to my sis, legs paling sakit bcoz the area is bigger so there's a lot to cover. Oww!

You may be wondering how was the process. Well first, a cooling gel known as ice gel is applied over the targeted area and then 1,2,3 shoooot! (the laser device thingy looks like a pistol btw). After that the ice gel is applied again, let it cool down for a few minutes, remove ice gel, apply a new layer, and then remove balik, and that's it. End of one session. The process took only about half an hour for both underarms and upper lip. I have 8 sessions altogether, and my next one is at the end of this month. I'm already looking forward to it (to having hair-free armpits and misai-less, that is. Not the treatment, to be perfectly honest. It's kinda embarassing bcoz I was attended by a male doc).

I hope I'll be hair-free by the time I'm married (whenever that is)! Hehe


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