Friday, May 25, 2007

My Herbalife Testimonial

I've been meaning to update y'all with my Herbalife progress few months ago, tapi tergendala di atas sbb2 yg boleh-tapi-malas nak dielakkan. I wouldn't say my progress is that drastic, since I wasn't really overweight before. My kind of weight loss result could be categorized as "weight loss testimonial utk org suka makan" bcoz seriously, I love good foooood. I can't survive a week without eating pasta! The only difference is, now I eat smaller portion than before. Kalau sepinggan lunch-plate of pasta kat Italiannies tu, macam kne share 3-4 org bcoz MZ and I tak larat nak abiskan semua. So next time when we go there, bleh la kalau sapa2 nak join tolong abiskan the remaining portion tu. hehe.

So anyway, I've lost a total of 8kg and I'm now maintaining my weight at 48kg - which is a grrreat achievement for me (though, I wouldn't mind if I can drop like another kilo or so) bcoz the last time I weighted below 50kg was like 9 years ago; when I was 15! I have also lost a total of 10+ inches all over my body (tapi still nak lose a weebit more here and there), and the major inch-loss of all my body parts is my waist - from 29" to 25", I loike! :D Hey, even my jari pon dah mengecik sket tau bcoz those rings that I used to wear kat jari manis, now kne pakai kat jari tengah dah...

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I've also reached my jeans' size target, which is 26 (I'll try not to go any smaller, ok Si Com!) from size 29, and I can now wear most S size bajus! (tapi tgk brand jugak la kan; some brands I wear S size, some M). Oh yea, speaking of baju, I have a few to let go - brand new with tags, brands including Naf Naf, Zara, MNG and Somerset Bay (actually, that's only it). Nanti2 la saya update bila ada masa dan kerajinan yg mengizinkan.

Another thing is, my current basal metabolic age is 20! Which means, my body metabolism functions like a 20-year-old. Dulu masa awal2 buat body analysis tu (about 5 months ago kot), my basal metabolic age was 24. Now, I'm like 4 years younger than my real age! My target is to reach 16 years old, bole? :D

Here's my new before and after pics - full body and close-up (sorry I had to cut you through the nose, sistah). Trust me, that's the only current full body pic I have, so sorry sbb size dia kecik. Kalau resize jadi besau, blur sgt pulak.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I look so much better than before, don't I? Dah tak mcm kne pam dah. Hee..

Another thing I love about Herbalife is that I'm able to change my eating habit to be healthier than before. I have never been so health conscious before I met Herbalife, seriously, bcoz I was once seorg yg SGT kuat makan. I gained 10kg lepas masuk asrama (you should see my pic back then) and since then I have difficulty utk menahan diri dari menguyah. I've learnt that it's more important to change your eating habit than losing weight, bcoz once u're eating the right way, u will definitely lose weight. Tapi kalau eating habit tak tukau, diet la guna segala moyang ubat sekalipon akan gain balik. Which explains why some people gained back after losing weight - it's their eating habits. Eating habits cannot be changed overnight - in my case, after 5-6 months with Herbalife baru dpt adapt with the new eating habits. What I mean by 'new eating habits' is kadar keinginan I utk menguyah munchies like cookies, chocs, biskut, etc dah turun sehingga 70%, kalau makan meal bole tahan lapa sampai 6 hours or more without any snacks in between and perut tak bleh dah sumbat makanan byk2 macam dulu or else I'll feel bloated giler.

I remembered the first 2 months when I started Herbalife adalah stage yg paling menguji kesabaranku. I wanted to lose weight but at the same time I find it so hard to resist food. It ain't easy to change ur eating habits u know, bcoz u have been developing it for years and decades; some since they were little, so harus lah bersabar until your body can finally get used to it bcoz you see, it took about 90-120 days for a person to change his/her eating habits. So kalau before 90 days dah give up, sila lah pulang ke pangkal jalan cepat2 yer. You need some time to train your body to 'forget' the old eating habit, so do ur own body a favor.

I have been consuming Herbalife shakes for 9 months now, and it has become makanan ruji saya, and will always be. I have to have at least one shake a day, jikalau tidak, perasaan bersalah pada badan sendiri kerana meng-feed dgn mknan tahpape akan melanda diri saya. Pernah gak kdg2 takde perasaan nak mkn other food, so I took the shake 2-3 times a day. When I have taken my shakes, then kalau nak makan pasta ker pasto ker tak kisah dah bcoz I know I have feed my system with the nutrients it needs. It's like I'm in control of myself and that feels really grrreat! :D

Lemme share with you a secret that has helped me to achieve my weight loss success. The secret is, everytime when you feel like eating a lot, food that you're not supposed to eat or is bad for ur health, remind yourself that "rasa best tu kejap jer, sampai makanan tu abis ditelan. Lepas tu in the long run sendiri kne tanggung risiko - gemok or sakit". After all, you do have a choice, right? It's all up to youuu.

p/s: Remember my weight-loss contest for my customers? The one yg sape paling byk turun dlm tempoh 3 months akan dpt adiah. Well, I have a winner. It's been awhile, actually. I will update about that too - nanti. She managed to lose 15 kg in 3 months btw!


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