Monday, April 23, 2007

A Blast Weekend

Last weekend's STS was one of the best bcoz:

- it was at the Ritz-Carlton so during break times I get to feast my eyes on those ever-so-gorgeous bags at Fendi, Givenchy and LV,
- there were lotsss of new people. Like more than half I think,
- this time, ramai Melayu dah participate (which is a grrreat thing bcoz the previous STSes, about 70-80% of the people attended were omputih and Chinese),
- the banana and chocolate shake that was being served for lunch was yummy! (I drank 2 glasses and was so full like a balloon. I never liked banana and choc before),
- the tickets for next month's STS were all sold out in just one night. It's getting frenzy I'm telling ya!

And here's the bestest part:

My other half was one of the speakers, which makes him now an Herbalife celebrity! Heee....

Seeing him talking on stage for the first time was highly excitable, seriously. I was both so excited and nervous terlebih2 for him sampai haku sakit perot. I knew he can do it, but the part yg dia kne ckp depan hundreds of people for 45 minutes yg buat sakit perot tu. Tapi sakit perut ku berbaloi juaaa.

Annndd being the love of his life (ehem), yours truly got a bit of the attentions too. His uplines kept on saying to me, "you must be so nervous. I remembered I was too when *her Belgian partner* was on stage for the first time. In fact I was more nervous than him" and "you must be very proud!" and "he did a great job, didn't he? It would be great if the two of you are together on stage" . I ammmmmmmmmm! (I mean, I am proud. Bukan nak jadi speaker yer. Blum lagi ;p). He's the youngest speaker so far, and I'm so very proud of him! It's like an honour, you know. Adalah tidak wajar jika tidak berbangga kerana bukan calang2 worang yg bleh diiktiraf utk jadi pencakap. huhuu. But seriously after seeing him on stage that day, I have this sudden urge to be an Herbalife speaker too one day. I want to talk on stage, I want to share my success, I want to be able to lead people, to help people. Afterall, I am an Aries and Aries are natural-born leaders. I have to start somewhere kalau nak jadi President's Team kan kan (or rather, the wife of a President's Team. teehee). I just need to learn how to get rid of sifat2 penakut + pemalu yg maha kronik ini that have been residing inside of me eversince I was a baby.

Anyway, I managed to record a few videos and here are the first two excerpts.


Signing autograph

(sorry for the low quality and shaky vids though)


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