Friday, March 23, 2007

Of Parents and Children

These two topics are among my favorites in this book. Makes me understand about some things.

Here's some excerpts:

Your Parents Did the Best They Could

I never liked how my father raised me. He was an ex-Marine drill sergeant and a former professional boxer. He treated me like a drafted recruit in World War II. I grew up resenting the beatings, the discipline and the constant terror.

A friend of mine in college shocked me when he said, "Your father could have tossed you in a garbage when you were a baby. He didn't. Her raised you the best way he knew how."

I've since learned that all parents are winging it. None of them went to parenting school. Few of them read parenting books. Most of them raise their kids either the way they were raised or the opposite of the way they were raised. None of them raised their kids with ill intent. They were doing the best they could.

Your parents did the best they knew how to do, based on their beliefs, upbringing, and best guess about how to handle you.

Forgive them. Understand them. Love them. All they want from you at this point is to know that you understand they did the best they could. Tell them so. Don't withhold the very thing they long to hear.

Your Children Will Become What They Become

How can you tell if your child will grow up to be the next Dalai Lama?
You can't.

My sister has twins. They were raised in the same environment, by the same parents, had the same teachers in schools, and dated sisters.

In spite of that, they are completely different in personalities and goals.

Water your children with love and allow them to grow as they choose.

And be sure to give them each a copy of this manual. (I will, when I have kids of my own)


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