Monday, January 08, 2007

Stains, begone!

I've found a way to solve my stained-with-eyeliner Coach bag.

No, I didn't take it to the bag cleaner. God knows how much it'd cost! I did the stain-cleaning myself, with the help of Dylon Stain Solve Dry-Clean.

I was queuing up at JJ supermarket's cashier counter the other day, waiting for my dad to finish paying and everything when I saw these odd-looking bottles. Odd bcoz I thought they were some kind of candies or something. Turned out to be... not even close to candies or any edible stuff. They are stain removers. And there are 3 types to choose from. I saw the word 'Dry-Clean' and 'Make-up', so I got that one.

The cleaning process? Easy-peasy and hassle-free, really. All I need to do is dab the stain with its applicator like this...

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And then after a few minutes of good rubbing and dabbing....
Hey presto, It's gone!

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(The stain seemed to have transferred onto my bedsheet instead. Now don't let my mom knows about that ok!)

The bestest thing about this magic stain remover is that, it only costs RM9.99! That's nothing for 75ml and a brilliant job like that! I'm gonna try it on my favorite pair of cream-colored Eclipse wedges next. Dah jadi mcm wedges kaler kelabu jer...


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