Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Weekend Happenings

I had a weird dream few daysssss ago (note the 's'-es). About having 5 siblings - the four of us, plus a baby sister. She was like a few months old. One day she died. I don't remember the rest but I was the one who cried paling teruk. And then suddenly I was awake bcoz I felt hot tears streaming down my cheeks sampai basah bantal. Only then I realized I was dreaming. And crying. Phew.. The dream was vivid, it felt so real. Tapi org kata mimpi tu slalunya maksud dia bertentangan. I dunno...

Later on in the afternoon, I received a phone call from my sis.

Hanis: Along, guess whattt...
Me: Ko pregnant?
Hanis: Ha'ahhhh!!!! Aaaaa...
Me: Ohmygoddd!

Heee.... Don't ask me how I knew it. My sisterly-instinct told me kot. Either that, or I am a psychic. Hecee... ;p (pronounce it as 'psy-chick' ok). I was over the moon when I heard the news. Hanis. Pregnant. Baby. Cute baby stuff. Wooohh! But then it occured to me - if she's gonna have a baby, that would soon make me a err... Mak Long? Ohhoo... Kak Long, more like! I mean, I'm not even married yet! ;p

We went on talking excitedly about babies, maternity wears (she complained about GUESS not having bajus for pregnant ladies- hohh gedix kay! Tapi kinda bersetuju gak coz hey, there are GUESS Kids. What about GUESS Moms?), shoes, baby bags, etc.

Anyway, I was supposed to keep it as a secret and berlakon seperti 'terkejut' when they announce it later on masa family get-together, and so I did tapi Tuhan jer la yg tahu betapa tempting nyer utk membuka mulut ini tauu. Especially to my other adiks. I mean, sister-get-preggy is not an everyday thing, ok! So instead of spilling out the secret, I made up a story. I told my bro that they (my BIL and sis) nak banje mkn nanti bcoz they are announcing about migrating to the States konon2 Rahz dpt keje sana. And my bro believed it bulat2, and told my dad about it (and then he told him not to tell mama; bagus la tuuu, dua2 kne tipu) and he too, believed it! haha. And I guess mereka2 lagi terpercaya sehingga la di saat2 terakhir before my BIL told about the preggy story, bcoz he announced about the promotion he got first, so jalan citer pindah ke US itu adalah seperti betul jer (heh Rahz, I think that's why la Abah kinda terkejut sbb he was expecting u mention pasal US lepas tu, instead of 'atuk & nenek' kot...hoho).

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Oh btw, I had 5 slices of pizza ok!

Besides family get-together, Bloggers get-together dan meet-ups juga turut berlangsung. I think last week was the week paling ramai pemblog I met so far. Started with Kak Suz and Kak Anna on Friday (ohhh itu Irdina adalah sgt comel dannn tak takut org yer! Fyi, saya adalah agak malu2 kuceng juga dgn baby2. Mungkin kerana mak mereka ada bersama, kalau tak pasti bayi2 itu dah kne terkam lama dah..hihihi. Tapi kalau mereka nangis, saya adalah takut). Then on Saturday met Naya to pass some things and then went for lunch with Mrs. Imran, Alia, Ary and Nina together with Hanis at Chili's (please heskius pancaran kilauan mat kilau di dahi saya dlm gambau ni yer).

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Saya, Ainol @ Mrs Imran, Ary

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Nina, Alia, Hanis

Lagi 2 worang ni haku tatau la sape... tak dpt dikesan identiti mereka ;p

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