Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Makeup Rave

My favorite makeup look has always been the gigantic-eye-and-pale-lip look, despite what the current seasons and trends are. Black and white eye with thick liner and loud lashes (either with loads of mascara or even better, falsies!) are my current faves, replacing the ever-so-natural browns.

They say "eyes are the window to the soul", so emphasizing the eye area is a must-do for me when it comes to makeup. I don't mind not wearing other makeup essentials (eg: blusher, lipstick, foundation) to accentuate my feature and whatnots, except the eyes. Saya tak bole tinggal itu, even if it were just for eyeliner and mascara only bcoz they make your looks jadi cam alive - you know what I mean? Coz when your eyes are attractive no matter how big or small they are, your face will look attractive - with the right techniques, of course (ok ok, how u dress up or ur level of self-confidence, etc adalah tidak dikira ok. I'm talking about the face area now. The rupa). I don't have the guts to wear fake lashes just yet, although some makeup girls thought I do- so I replace 'em with lots and lots of good black mascara. My personal fave are Stila Lash Visor and Lancome Hypnose, btw. Trust me, they make ur lashes look amazing! Bcoz I wouldn't get compliments about my eyes if it weren't for those, would I? heh heh.

Now if you ask me what my currently desired makeup looks are right now, I would say these....

Pics courtesy from Sephora.com

I wonder how I would look like with that kind of makeup....

So what's your desired makeup look, ladies? (pls don't say natural beauty yer...)


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