Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Umm... I can't think of a title, so let's just leave that behind.
Oh wait, I know. It's 'I love Herbalife!'

Went to Herbalife Success Training Seminar (STS) last Sunday with MZ and his cousins at Hotel Istana. The talk was from 10am till 6pm! Memang sakit bontot gak la duduk lama sgt, but it was tersgtlah best! No really, I mean it. It's not just any talk where you just sit and listen; No. Macam ala2 concert pon ada gak (besides bag-ogling). Hehe. Best best! I learnt a lot and the talk has somewhat opened up my eyes. I can see the big picture now. And I get to meet lots of great people (with their fab designer bags too), millionaires, corporate ppl, ex-CEOs (yes, ex bcoz they quit their jobs to join HL thingy ni), beautiful people ala2 model/celebrities from all over the world. No wonder my boyfriend was so ecstatic abt Herbalife before, sbb setiap kali lepas pegi STS, he can't talk anything but STS and Herbalife for daysss (sampai penah jadi issue merajuk sbb dia asik ckp pasal HL jer 24/7. Masetu I haven't join Herbalife lagi. Siap kutuk2 tu..haha). Now I really know why. And I think I'm infected by him already. People who don't go to STS won't know what's so special about this HL thingy, so I don't really care if some people are so skeptical towards Herbalife bcoz they just don't know. Macam aku jugak la dulu. I was so skeptical about Herbalife before bcoz I didn't know what it was actually, except it's a company that sells diet products. Tapi setelah MZ introduced it to me and after STS, I'm bowled over. I mean, c'mon! Jim Rohn is Herbalife's Business Philosopher ok! And who is he? Pegi la carik kat internet. Those who know who he is will know what I mean and that's one of the reasons why HL is a great company (just bcoz I'm a shopaholic doesn't mean the only 'famous people' I know are John Galliano or Donatella Versace or Marc Jacobs ok. I know Anthony Robbins as well and Donald Trump. And Robert Kiyosaki. And err, sape lg ek? Cukup la takat tu, besides Jack Canfield and John Gray. Orait la tu kan? Not bad for someone whose favorite read is mainly chic-lits, and who talks about bags and shoes most of the time. haha).

Anyway, there were lots of foreigners, especially European and American besides locals at the STS thingy tu. Sadly, tak ramai Malays. Fyi, only 15% of org yg join HL kat M'sia ni are Malays. Yg lain, of course Chinese and bangsa lain. Korang tau tak HL kat M'sia ni akan booming giler2, org2 luar Msia jangka kan around 2010, so that's why mereka mengambil kesempatan itu utk pindah ke Msia. Ada omputih yg sanggup jual rumah dorang pastu pindah duk sini bcoz they know sini byk peluang jadi kaya. Ada gak few local Chinese yg dulu duk overseas buat HL, balik ke sini balik bila dpt tau HL dah dtg Msia. They don't wanna miss the big opportunity. Tapi org Melayu kite tak tau/taknak amik tau pon, last2 org luar gak yg dpt benefit from mende2 ni, org kite stay the same in debt, keje pagi ptg siang mlm tapi still living the same lifestyle, etc. I'm sorry to say this but I guess Malays still wanna 'work for their boss' rather than buat business and be their own boss? I dunno. I know there are people yg work giler2 and they do get to the top, tapi bape kerat jer? I'm not saying they shud buat biz with HL (but HL is definitely one of the ways). Just any biz, u know. What d'ya think? Okay, maybe I shud not talk about this matter anymore. Kang jadi isu sensitip pulakk.. Lagipon, sapelah akuu.. Budak baru blaja..hukhuk. I'm just sharing what I know.

So anyway, one of the bestest part masa kat STS tu was that (okay, I'm not gonna story mory pasal Herbalife weight loss result okay bcoz they are just fantastic and u've probably read/hear some of 'em from my blog comments. Just that kat STS tu, I got to see real people with real results. Ada sorang omputih ni, lawaaaa giler. She reminds me of a celebrity tapi takleh nak recall who. Dia tunjuk gamba dia masa dulu dia gemok before using herbalife. Mmg gemok and I couldn't believe she could've transformed jadi lawa camtu, although masa dia gemok tu pon ada kecomelan nyer jugak. Skang dah lawa giler ok pastu kaya giler jugak bcoz she's now one of Herbalife's President Team! Surprisingly, she was kicked out of Uni before, and was unemployed. And fat. Skang dah jadi the total opposite), ok so I was saying, the bestest things was that I saw at least 10 LV bag-wearers and a few Chanel and Coach, and Hermes and Gucci and the ever-so-famous bag yg terkenal sbb kemahalannyer, Bottega Venetta (just so u know, I know they're all ori bcoz the monograms are all symmetrical. Yes, I did make a few quick glance-over to make sure of that. And the leather looked so buttery-smooth, I wish I could touch it. Mind you, even some of the guys pon pakai Gucci bag, ok!). You know how I'm towards designer bags, doncha ya? Excited tak hengat. And just sometimes a teeny part of me wished that MZ is a girl so that I can share my excited-ness with him bcoz all he did when I say "Oh look, that's a nice LV bag" and "OMG. Awak, Bottega Venetta!", he just stared blankly and then continued talking to sape2 tah la yg dia tgk borak. Heish...men! *roll eyes*. I mean, how many times do you get to see ppl in M'sia carrying a Bottega Venetta bag? Very very rare. Still, nevermind. At least I'm sharing it with y'all. hehe. Ooooohhh.... I hope I'm gonna be like one of them, insyaallah. I mean, they became millionaires within 5 years jer, without having to work round the clock. Ada yg tak sampai 5 thn dah jadi Millionaire Team (tak silap I, org Melayu kite ada 3 org dah jadi tu). And all they do is use, wear and talk Herbalife. That is like so achievable. Nak jugak! Nak jugak! :D

I also met the girl whom MZ mentioned in one of my entries' comments, the one yg guna Herbalife since she was born, remember? Her name's Noami and she has beautiful skin and proudly told me "I use all Herbalife's skincare everyday and I use all their other products as well" (I'm really thinking of switching to Herbalife skincare line now bcoz of her and the others kat STS tu, and plus since using Dermalogica, I've been developing one pimple at a time - satu jerawat ilang, naik plak satu kat tpt lain. Now dah 4 kali case jerawat camtu. I'm not sure if it's bcoz of PMS but let's see for another couple of weeks. Currently, jerawat kat pipi kiri dah kecut, tapi ada satu baru nak naik kat dagu. If the one kat dagu ni nanti dah kecut tapi naik pulak kat tpt lain, then that's it. Tata Dermalogica!). Anyway where was I? Oh yes, Noami. She's hawt - blond, with blue eyes and everything (she's a British btw). And I was introduced by MZ to Noami's brunette sister too (the brunette sister is so kurus, so she consumed HL to gain her weight). Lupa pulak nama dia, coz I wasn't really listening to her. I was drooling over her black Chanel bag, which is listed in one of my dream-bags list and was wondering how it'll look on me. Kemudian dgn tidak semena2nyer, dia dan adiknyer si blondie itu memeluk MZ lalu aku pon cam, Heh... what did I miss? Apsal tiba2 dia peluk MZ plak nih. Si MZ tu sengih2 jer sronot la tu kne peluk oleh omputih2 yg seksi meksi. Cett! ;p Sib baik lepas tu aku pon dipeluk jugak oleh si brunette (rupanya nak say goodbye dah masetu). Tapi tak tercapai la nak peluk bag Chanel dia tu sbb dia tinggi. hohoh. I wish I brought my digicam along. Lupa giler. Takpe, next time I'll bring one.

Anyways, majority of the people kat sana, including especially the ones with designer bags or in other words, "kaya", wore Herbalife buttons either on their bags or jackets/tops. I didn't put mine on sbb emm.. malu. Tapi masa kat sana, aku yg rasa malu plak bcoz I didn't wear the button. Yg lain2 wore 'em and they seemed so proud to be a part of Herbalife. From now on, I'm gonna wear it and be proud of it! So nanti kalau terserempak dgn I, dun be surprised to see this button on my bag yer. Ngeee...

But err, I don't think I'll put it on my Coach bag as I'm afraid that it'll ruin the nice-ness of the fabric. Maybe a smaller button kot. Btw, I went to KLCC the day before, and I saw 2 Chinese ladies at Isetan tgh browsing through MNG stuff and I saw Herbalife buttons on the collar of their jackets! I was excited, I felt like exclaiming "hey I'm doing Herbalife too!". I mean, it's like meeting a family member of yours you know (I didn't have mine on, so she didn't know- so aku excited sorang2 dlm hati jela).

Right after the STS, MZ and I headed to Pan Pacific KLIA to berbuka puasa together2 with my family. Plus, skali ngan sambut my sister's advance birthday. The food was okay, I ate ada la 4,5 round kot. Desserts of cakes and ice-creams 3 round. There goes my diet! But I need not worry bcoz Herbalife will maintain the weight I've lost. Pictures will be uploaded soon, when my sisters dah send 'em to me.

Oh yer, I wanna show you something:

That's my Cartier watch that I've been wearing since 4,5 years ago. Before this, pakai jam tu mmg just nice muat2. Tak caye tanya my friends (the Mirilyeas) or my sisters. They knew that. Now after 2 weeks of Herbalife, dah jadi longgar! My Guess watch pon, dulu kne cucuk at the 2nd hole. Skarang pakai kat firssttt skali - yg paling kecik. Last weekend, when my sis, Wani saw my hands, she went like, "Eh ni bukan tgn koooo! Apsal dah kecik?? Aku tau tangan ko bukan camniii duluu!!!" (dgn nada seakan2 tidak boleh menerima kenyataan iteww.. haha). You see, in the family, she has the smallest and kecik-est hands. Now mine dah lebih kurang sama dgn dia punya size tgn. Muahaha. I loike!


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