Monday, March 12, 2012

Pregnancy Talk

I'm going to be honest with you.

I miss being pregnant! I really do. It doesn't help that 5 of my friends are currently pregnant (yeah, FIVE!). Whenever I hear someone is pregnant, I'd go, "Bestnyaa!" after congratulating her. Do you know just how special it is to have a part of you and a part of your husband growing inside of you? It's just so.... precious. A gift from God. It's indescribable.

Sure, everything is uncomfortable when your bump is as big as a melon but the pain is all worth it in the end, right mommies?

I guess I'm quite lucky that I had smooth-sailing pregnancies (and labours). Alhamdulillah. But I'm not lucky in the stretch marks department tho. And the gaining-tons-of-weight part. So not lucky. -__-

But I still want to get pregnant and have more kids in the future, insyaallah.

My husband and I are planning for a third one when Raina is at least 2 years old. Or 3. Which means, another 1-2 years! Hopefully I'll be more prepared and experienced by that time. And when that time comes and I'm ready to get pregnant, I'm going to start taking necessary supplements and drink maternal milk to get my body ready for pregnancy.

Speaking of maternal milk, previously when I was pregnant for the first time, I drank Wyeth Mama milk. Then for my second pregnancy, I drank Friso Mum milk. I'm planning to try Anmum Materna milk for my third pregnancy (whenever that is). I've read that Anmum Materna provides 100% daily folate and it is the only brand that is clinically tested. I didn't know that back then. Folate is critical for the development and growth of baby's spinal bone and research has shown that 4 out of 5 women in Asia don't have sufficient folate. Study shown that women who consumed Anmum Materna have increased in their blood folate levels.

Anmum Materna is also the most widely purchased maternal milk by other pregnant moms so that must mean something. Some of my friends and relatives who have been drinking the milk also said it tastes good. That's a plus! I can't wait to get pregnant taste it.

But as for now, I'm going to enjoy mothering these two munchkins.

I wonder what it's like to have 3 kids! 2 girls + 1 boy? 3 girls? My God!
Or maybe twins! Yes, it'd be nice to have twins, wouldn't it? ;D

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