Tuesday, November 08, 2011

How to remove crayon scribbles from wall

So we've moved out of the condo a few weekends ago.

Man, moving house is EXTREMELY exhausting. I have trouble packing up for a week's holiday, so imagine having to pack ALL of our belongings! It felt like it would take forever to finish everything.

There were a lot of sorting, packing, disposing and of course, cleaning. It was hard work! You can't just leave the house you moved out from macam kapal karam, can you? Especially if it's a rented house. And there was one thing that my husband and I were most worried about.

Our little Picasso's artwork.

Yes, the crayon scribbles on the walls (and doors)! Especially the one in the living room.
It's like a mural or something. Cantik sangat kan? ;p

I tried wiping with a damp cloth but it only worked on washable crayons. Same goes to baby wipes. I had to scrub real hard to get the stains off. Lap 30 saat dah lenguh macam buat pumping 100 kali.

I also tried using an all purpose cleaner and it was the same. Apparently, an "all purpose cleaner" does not include crayon stains.

We googled and found a few ways on how to remove crayon scribbles from walls. Some of the recommendations include toothpaste, hair spray, shaving cream and even mayonnaise. Interesting. But I didn't try any of them tho. I don't know... I just prefer to use toothpaste for my teeth, hair spray for hair, shaving cream for erm bulu and mayonnaise for my sandwiches, thank you very much. Can't imagine a mayonnaise-covered wall. Eeek.

We tried using Turpentine instead.

The smell is SO horrible that I felt like I could die right away after inhaling it. Well, turpentine is hazardous and its vapor can damage the lungs and respiratory system when inhaled but it removes crayon stains from the wall easily! I actually enjoyed the process - it was like removing makeup!

Halfway done

To remove crayon stains with turpentine, all you need is a glove, a damp cloth and a mask or anything to cover your nose from inhaling it. Just dab some turpentine on the damp cloth and scrub into stain. Since turpentine is a solvent, it will evaporate and the horrible smell will eventually disappear. Just make sure the area is well-ventilated (open all the windows). And also, make sure your kids are not around when you're handling with turpentine.

All done. What a relief!

Ada jugak la tinggal kesan crayon sikit-sikit but the owner didn't mind. Thank God for unfussy owner!


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