Monday, September 05, 2011

Raya 2011 in Alor Setar

Ahhh... I can finally update my blog!

We went balik kampung Kedah for almost a week, hence the lack of updates. But I'm gonna make it up to you guys by posting lots of Raya pics ok!

We went to Istana Kedah on the first day of Raya. It was my first time entering a palace so I was a bit jakun. It was HEE-UGEE! I wonder how many rooms are there...and the walk-in wardrobes...

Kaum kerabat all queuing up nak salam and menghadap Sultan
(and nak duit raya ;p)

Us in blue

I actually told my tailor for a light pink lace and beading details
but she forgot and made silver + black instead. Pfft.

The queue was too long and what with the two tak-boleh-duduk-diam kids, we decided to fill our rumbling tummies instead. My God, the food was awesome. Semua sedap! There were the usual nasi himpit, ketupat, lemang, kuah kacang, lontong, rendang, kuih-kuih Raya and also mee rebus and lasagna! I have never eaten lasagna on Raya before (have you?).

Siapa salam Sultan Kedah dapat duit raya

Here's our few attempts to take family photos. The girls tak boleh duduk diam, especially si kenit Raina!

Hubby's cousin and my sister-in-law

Balik time

There are giant cactus outside the palace

At hubby's grandpa's house with his aunts and cousins

My cutie pies in baju kurung

Raya second day. I'm most comfortable in normal baju kurung!

Bestnya... empuk!

Main bunga api

Something terrible happened to Raina. Dahi dia terkena bunga api and it was all my fault! Benci bila ingat balik. I didn't want to snap a pic of her face sebab sangat kesian dan sedih dan ngeri. I hope it won't leave a scar :( It was a minor burn tho and she's recovering now.

Anyway, I hope it's not too late to wish all my Muslim friends and readers selamat hari raya. Do forgive me for all of my wrongdoings whether intentionally or not. And wherever you are, whatever you do, please be safe!

p/s: Kat KL belum raya lagi...


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