Sunday, August 08, 2010

Worst Online Purchase

Two years ago during my early days of confinement, I came across this book - "44 Hari Bersama Nurfarahin". Since it was my first time being a mom and I didn't know much about confinement, I decided to purchase it - from her website.

I made the payment via M2U and emailed the sales team about the details together with a print screen of my transaction as required.

I waited... and waited... and waited... for almost a month. Every time the postman came I jumped excitedly to the door, hoping it was the book. I also remembered asking my husband, my brother and even my mom's maid to check the post box almost everyday. But the book didn't arrive. I didn't even get any replies from them. It was frustrating!

So I sent another email.

(Silap, bukan almost 2 weeks. But almost a month!)

Still no book and not even an email reply.

I decided to wait for another week or so but when the time came, I had totally forgotten all about it. I mean of course, dah lama sangat!

Then recently tiba-tiba teringat about the book as I'm about to give birth, so I emailed them again. I didn't ask them to send the book tho sebab rasa macam dah tawar hati nak baca. Well, wouldn't you?

That was last week. I even forwarded the email to the sales team.

This is by far the worst online purchase I have ever made because not only did I not get the book even after TWO YEARS, there was not even an email reply! And what's even worse is the fact that Nurfarahin is a TV personality. Well ok, so maybe it's not entirely her fault. But it's her book and her website. I am so disappointed dan geram. I don't like feeling like this but I can't help it!

Or hmm... Could it be that they don't get my emails? But I sent to two people (or at least two different email addresses). I don't know who else should I send it to.

I know there are people who managed to purchase that book online without a problem, but are there any who experienced the same thing like me?


I received an email from Nurfarahin the other day, apologizing about this matter. Turned out she didn't get any of my emails because there was a problem with her website. She had also refunded my money back, so case is close! :)


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