Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mommy Talk: Missing Period

Period Tracker on iPhone

Mommies, I need to ask a question. Actually, make that plural.

Here's the thing: I had my first period (after giving birth) when my baby was almost 10 months old, which was end of last September. My period was normal like it used to (the duration, the cycle, etc) but only for 2 months. I was supposed to have my next period at the end of last month but as of today, I am 17 days late! I was worried bcoz previously before I was pregnant, my period always came on time. The only time I had "late period" was last year, when I was pregnant of course. So the other day I did the pregnancy tests twice when I was 5 days late and both are negative. I'm not pregnant! I did have PMS symptoms just a few days before my suspected period date - I had chocolate cravings, I was snappy, I had mood swings, sakit perut, etc (I even blogged about it bcoz I thought it was PMS); in fact I still feel like I'm currently having PMS tapi period tak datang-datang pun. Penat tunggu!

What's happening here? Should I go see a doctor? Or is this normal? FYI, I still breastfeed my baby but not fully anymore. I know moms who exclusively breastfeed their babies can be infertile hence no period, but what about those who don't? Tell me your experiences! I'm like so scaredddd....


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