Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bloggers' Sneak Preview -

A few bloggers were invited to the sneak preview of last week before the official launch, for a first-hand experience. It was held at Frames, located at B-1-3 Plaza TTDI. It was my first time there and my God I like the interior! Lots of white and black, with a little splash of color (purple). Tres chic! And you can see lots of frames in every corner of the restaurant, almost like a gallery or something.

Later we found out that the owner of Frames, Mark, was my husband's schoolmate in Seafield. Small world it is!

(Off topic: My husband blames me for his chubbiness - reason being, I ate a lot when I was pregnant so he didn't have any choice but to eat what I ate too. Come to think of it, I can blame him for my chubbiness jugak kan? He made me pregnant, no? So it was ALL his fault actually! LOL. )

A brief explanation about is basically a mobile application that enables users to book MAS flights via phone (iPhone, Blackberry or Google Android) to support a paper-less environment. Go check out the website to find out yourself!

And then came makan time! *suka*

Nom nom nom.

Main course. I like the fish the most - I had 4 of 'em!

The mushroom and shrimp bruschetta were nice too.

Saya dan Redmummy sedaya upaya cuba mengcover perut yang penuh.

We ended the night by booking a flight, sponsored by MAS. We're going for a day trip to... (siapa mata tajam boleh try tengok ;p)

That's a vintage ring I'm wearing from Diva, btw.
There's matching stack bangles, maybe I should get that too.

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